Will Tucker Consulting exists to support organisations with a cause to connect with the people who can help. Whether you want to increase political support, get members of the public contributing to your work and campaigning, or if you are looking to shift the public’s attitudes towards your cause Will Tucker Consulting exists to help.


The climate is tough for charities. Political austerity threatens public funding for social causes. Public concern about poverty overseas is at rock bottom and populist anti-European sentiment is undermining human rights and efforts to tackle climate change. This context makes it essential that organisations with a cause have focused strategies informed by expert insights into your audience and a keen understanding for how people will be influenced to take your cause and make it their own. Will Tucker Consulting can help you tackle and overcome these challenging times.


At the same time the opportunity for social change is expanding. We know more now than ever before about the ways that people engage with causes and the factors which motivate them to participate in progress; armed with this insight can become better and better at stimulating their interest and engagement. Of course this new insight coincides with constant innovation in social media and the digital landscape providing more and better opportunities for low barrier to entry engagement and high level participation. Will Tucker Consulting can help you to realise this potential; helping you to build 21st century support for your cause.


Increasingly social enterprises are playing a central part in tackling great social causes such as poverty and climate change. New models for business which prioritise workers, customers, the environment and society are generating innovative solutions to problems and influencing the mainstream. If you’re in a social enterprise Will Tucker Consulting can help you connect people with your sustainability agenda adding value and improving commitment to new business models.


Will Tucker Consulting exists to connect people to causes. Whether you are a charity, a campaigning NGO or a social enterpriseĀ get in touch to see how Will Tucker Consulting can help you to connect more people to your cause.

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